M.M. Jennings: A Gallery of Paintings and Drawings

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Oil, Acrylic and Watercolor

yellow sky salt marsh yellow sky salt marsh chairs chairs chairs chairs chairs chairs bloodroot landscape pine trees boys fishing blue pots sudeley garden bloodroot floral persimmons evening field autumn farm road foxgloves Arrowheads Branches Orange and Blue winter swamp Old Florida Two Roses Winter trees backwater cyclamen pollen farm field rocks backwater farm field magnolia tree Path at Maudslay nut grinder neglected farm winter swamp painting of formal garden with statue Rough Meadows Sanctuary autumn leaves Sun on ledge, autumn dog walker in Boston Salt Marsh tidal scene Jervaulx Abbey hayfield spring thaw still life with persimmons sunflowers sunset sunset Footbridge in Wellfleet, MA Farm field Azakeas and Pines oil painting of Merrimac River, November oil painting of Monhegan garden small oil small oil small oil oil Oil painting of a pasture autumn garden
painting of a white garden

Inkwork, Monotypes and Pastels

marsh pastel chambered nautilus monotype chambered nautilus monotype Rhode Island Red hen abstract monotype abstract monotype Crows Pears

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