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Following a long career as a graphic artist and designer, Margery Jennings turned to full-time fine art in 2007. She is a member of:

A lifelong resident of New England, Margery Jennings was raised in a rural area in northwest Connecticut. Since the 1970s she has lived in the seacoast area of New Hampshire, Massachusetts and southern Maine.

Packing her gear wherever she travels, Margery has also painted throughout the United States and in the United Kingdom, the Bahamas and Europe. Over the years she has studied with J. C. Airoldi, Don Demers, Donald Jurney, and Alan Ammann.

Alicia Savage of Melrose Arts fired some polite questions in my direction in the spring of 2013 as a prelude to the Melrose Arts Festival, Melrose, MA. As she went to the trouble of publishing my ramblings, I submit them here for the morbidly curious. I have substituted a few images of paintings that are among my favorites, although not available for sale.


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